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Tablet Director Updates

Batch Build - Assign and Batch

  • Instead of first assigning orders to a cart and then within the cart grid batching the orders, a new option allows these two steps to be taken at once by clicking Assign and Batch buttons in the Unassigned grid.
  • Only batches that will fill the cart will be created.  Any remaining orders will be assigned to the cart and can be viewed in the specific Cart grid.

Multiple Areas per User

  • Multiple Areas can be assigned to a single user.  This will simplify implementations using Areas by allowing a user to pick orders out of multiple Areas without having to have multiple user accounts.

Updates to the UNKNOWN page

  • Split Orders with Unknown Items
    • A new action has been added to the UNKNOWN page that split the lines with UNKNOWN location off the order.
    • A new order will be created with only the UNKNOWN lines
    • The existing order will no longer have UNKNOWN lines and can be picked and packed without losing the UNKNOWN items.
  • Order grid now has the ability to filter by item

Various Bug Fixes

  • When editing an order, Ship Date and Custom Field 5 date fields were not being adjusted when saved, causing the date to be inaccurate because of UTC time adjustments.
  • Deleting items through Tablet Director failed to clean up necessary dependencies that was blocking the item from being deleted

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 8/5/2020

Fusion App

Reason Codes in Manage Inventory

  • A group setting can require the user to select a Reason Code after each transaction instead of applying the same reason codes to all transaction in the same session

Blind PO and Lots

  • Blind PO Receipts has been updated to allow for recording Lots when required by the item

Release Details

Release Version: 4.6.1 Build 153750
Release Date: 8/4/2020

API and Integrations

Split Orders

  • A new API allows for an order to be split, removing all items with UNKNOWN so the remaining order can be picked and packed
  • The API call requires an order number.  All of the UNKNOWN items will be removed into an additional order in the system

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director