WOS Manager
PO Receipts
  • Ability to edit or delete PO Receipts
    • Receipts with Putaway can't be deleted
    • Receipt Quantity can't be increased or edited below what has already been putaway
Inventory Summary Report and API
  • Corrected headers for PO quantities to be consistently labeled as "PO"
  • Updated the calculation of the Expected and Received quantities
    • Expected only looks at what is still waiting to be received; if amount received is greater than expected, that line is now ignored in the calculation of "expected"
    • Received Quantity is anything that has been received but not yet putaway; once it's putaway it's part of the On Hand Quantity calculation
Location Display Name
  • Location Display Name can now be edited to be different than the Location Name
  • CSV Import now allows for a difference of Location Display Name and Location Name
WARNING:  When searching for a location in the WOS Operations app, only the Location Name will be searchable.  This means location barcodes need to have the Location Name as the barcoded value and then can either have the Location Name or Display Name as the human-readable value.

Other Updates
  • Inventory page now has the ability to group by columns
  • Manually creating orders now has Street1 as an available field
  • Confirm Receipts now shows dates in local time
  • Bulk actions available on the Printers page
  • Corrected an error where Printers could be duplicated when connecting to the print agent
  • Order API didn't include all of the available fields

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 4/13/2022