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Tablet Director Updates

Purchase Orders

  • Expected Receipt Date field added to POs
  • Updated PO Grid that will show PO Type, Custom Fields, and other PO header values

Unknowns By Item

  • Default column order has been changed, bringing the Order Cnt, Requested Qty, and Custom Fields to the left so they are in view

Cycle Count Confirm

  • After confirming a Cycle Count, the screen will refresh to ensure page is showing updated data


  • Add a User Image  (Implemented for future use in dashboards)

Updates to System Dates

  • We have had some inconsistency with dates and how they are displayed or stored in our system.  Over the next few releases we will be working on standardizing those date values and you may notice that some dates seem to be 6 hours in the future.  This will be corrected as we rollout all of these changes.

Updated Allocation Service

  • A new approach to allocate orders will allocate them in the back-end instead of "in line" with other processes
    • Order Creation through API will respond to the API call after order creation and allocate the order later
    • Allocating or ReAllocating orders through Order Management, Edit Order, UNKNOWN, or UNKNOWN By Item will use the new service
  • The updated process should relieve some stress on tablets allocating orders when pulling up batches, which was often a cause of tablets not able to pull up a batch
  • The updated process should also speed up Order Creation through the API
  • This new approach is not enabled by default.  We will be slowly turning it on as we increase the capacity of the new service.  If you've been having issues with allocations and want to use the new service, please send a request to
  • We had several issues related to orders being allocated reported to us in the last few weeks.  Fixes for most of these errors were also released and are not limited to use of the new allocation service.  If you are still having issues with allocations, please let us know.

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 4/8/2020

Fusion App

Packing and Pack One Apps

  • Reprint buttons have been added to both the Packing and the Pack One app
  • Touching the button will reset all the print jobs in the WOS Print Queue related to the current order so the WOS Print Agent can pull them down again.  Other triggers or current status is not affected

Batch Picking App

  • The cart screen has been automated so PackOne batches
    • If the Group Setting "Verify Quantity" is turned on, PackOne batches will require the user to verify the quantity during the pick screen
    • The cart screen has been automated so PackOne batches no longer need to scan the cart after each pick
  • Enhancement so multiple lines for the same item on the same order don't require separate picks
    • When multiple order lines on the same order had the same item allocated to the same location, Batch Pick would consolidate picks from multiple orders but was requiring a separate pick for each line on the order.  This has now been updated so there will be one pick task for the item per location

Release Details

Release Version: 3.13.3 Build 153485
Release Date: 4/7/2020

API and Integrations

PO Updates

  • Add the ability to update POs
    • To ensure that POs can be updated, PO Creation will merge PO lines with the same Item and Host Id so there are no duplicate lines that could cause issues during an update
    • Updates will not be accepted after the PO Line has been moved to a "Received" status
    • The API call to actually update the PO will come in the next release

Host Queue Updates

  • Corrected a bug where getting "Unread" messages using "status=1" did not return any messages

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director