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Tablet Director Updates

Collapsible Sections

  • Batch Build and the Edit pages were configured with collapsible sections to make navigation a little easier

Order History

  • The Order Edit page was updated to include a snapshot of the history log related to the particular order.

Account Permissions

  • Permissions for TabletDirector accounts were simplified.  Instead of set page by page, they were updated to be object based.

Account Settings

  • Account Settings now provide barcodes of the values to make entering them into the tablets easier.
  • A QR code can be used with the WMS Fusion Quick Setup feature for a one-step setup.

Reports Module

  • A new way of creating and presenting reports has been added to WOS. 
  • Reports are now formatted around printing and can be developed outside our typical development process

Group and System Settings

  • Group and System settings pages now provide descriptions of the setting

Improved Security

  • Pages will require, and will redirect, to use SSL
  • Passwords for TabletDirector Accounts use a more secure algorithm

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 1/29/2021

Fusion App

Quick Setup

  • A QR code button on the main screen will open the camera and can auto-apply all necessary settings by scanning a QR code from TabletDirector

SSL Required

  • SSL must be enabled for WMS Fusion to connect to TabletDirector.

Release Details

Release Version: 5.0.2 Build 153920
Release Date:

API and Integrations

Breaking Changes

The API had a significant update.  With that update, a few breaking changes were unavoidable

  • WOS API now allows for versioning.  In the future, breaking changes can be versions to allow for backward compatibility, but that wasn't fully possible until the new API was implemented
  • API responses are camel case instead of the old pascal case
    • Breaking change if language used for integration is case sensitive
    • WOS continues to be case insensitive so inbound requests do not need to conform to camel case
  • Triggers were not affected by the change in case
    • SendToUrl or the "message" part of the HostQueue API calls remain pascal case as they did before
  • Enum values are strings instead of integers
    • Integrators no longer need to maintain a translation table to convert integer enum values to meaningful string equivalents
    • URL Parameters will accept either the string value or the old integer representation of that value; this was done to maintain backward compatibility as much as possible
    • Responses that include enum values will only provide the string value
      • For example, when calling GetOrderByOrderNumber, the orderStatus value would say "Available" instead of returning the integer representation of 0.

Release Details

Released with Tablet Director