January Releases

WOS Manager
Batch Build
  • Batch Build Beta has been renamed to Batch Build and is the only way to batch orders
  • The previous Batch Build and Batch Build Pack One have been removed
  • Cleanup of Full Order Zone options on Assigning or Unassigning cart types
  • Add Weight to be used similar to Cube
  • Orders grid will now show the Cart being used to pick the batch
  • Add option to delete orders with a grid action
  • In Order Edit Print Preview of the documents in the Shipping Info section is now enabled
Other Updates
  • Rename Queue Manager to Work Queue
  • General cleanup on the Print Queue page to correct filters and page layout
  • In the Import/Export page, Export Inventory is now disabled unless the Inventory section is enabled
  • Major update in back-end libraries to use latest versions

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 01/25/2023
API and Integrations
Host Message API
  • Add a new API to set a Host Message to Unread; this can be used to reset a process so it can be picked up in the next run
Other Updates
  • Several back-end updates to improve performance of APIs and remove a blocking nature where possible

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director