A Cell is a group of Locations, typically setup around a packing station, for the purpose of fully picking orders from within the Cell. Groups of Cells with the same product configuration can be grouped into a Cell Group. This allows flexibility in pulling Batches assigned to the Cell Group into any Cell where that product configuration should exist.

Cell Groups

A Cell Group is used to identify Cells that should have the same product configuration. Every Cell must be assigned to only one Cell Group. If none of the Cells have a similar product configuration, then there can be only one Cell within a Cell Group.

Create Cell Group

  1. Go to Maint -> Cell Groups
  2. Click on Create New
  3. Enter the Name and Batch Size values
    • Batch Size will determine how many orders are grouped together when creating Batches
    • The maximum number allowed in Batch Size is 100
  4. Click Create
    • NOTE: It is not necessary to assign Cells from this page. Cells will be assigned as they are created.


A Cell is a group of Locations. Typically these are placed around a pack station for a single-step pick and pack process. 

Create Cell

  1. Go to Maint-> Cells
  2. Click on Create New
  3. Enter the Name, Description, Sequence, and Group
    • It's not necessary to add Locations at this step. It will be easier to do that from the Locations grid
    • The sequence is less important but can be used to indicate preference on which Cell takes priority
  4. Click Create

Adding Locations to a Cell

Cell assignment can be managed from the Locations grid. The column Assigned Cells will identify which Cells the Location has been assigned to. Actions below the grid can be used to update and manage Cell assignment.

  1. Go to Maint -> Locations
  2. Filter the grid to the desired locations
  3. In the Actions menu below the grid, select Add Cell
  4. Select a Cell from the options
  5. Click Save Filtered
    1. Alternatively, only select a portion of the filtered Locations and select Save Selected

Managing Cell Locations

Follow the instructions from the Adding Locations to a Cell section. The Actions menu below the Locations grid can be used to remove or add Cells from the selected Locations.