Data Retention Policy

In order to maintain high efficiency of WarehouseOS, we regularly purge data that is no longer necessary. Open orders, inventory, history log, and other details required for operations don't get purged. Completed orders, batches, and print jobs no longer required for operations will be maintained in WOS according to the Retention Policy.

Integration Support during Implementation

For 30 days after the go-live date, any integration developed by Hoj is considered to be in a startup phase. During this time, adjustments to the integration will be made as part of the base project. Adjustments must remain within the overall scope previously agreed to, but this will allow for changes in field mappings or other updates to make the operation more efficient.

After the 30 day period, adjustments to the integration will be scoped and a proposal provided as a separate project.

WarehouseOS Support during Implementation

For 2 weeks after the go-live date, the main customer support contact is the Warehouse OS Implementation Lead. During this time, they will ensure all training has been provided and any tweaks to the process are discussed in context of the overall project

At the end of the 2 week period, system support will be turned over to the general WOS support line. They can be contacted at