WOS Manager
Batch Build Beta
  • Batch Build Beta grid line numbers have been fixed to adjust with filtered grid data
  • Adjustments to Batch Build Beta column filters on dropdown sizes
  • Pick Location column has been added to Batch Build Beta. This column is mainly used for PackOne criteria but can be used for all orders as well
Po Receipts
  • Updates to edit PO receipts. The putaway is complete if nothing is left
Other Updates
  • Fixed ECommerce Shop Field so user can enter value and save for the Order Info
  • Fixed typo in Country of Origin field
  • When the Edit Item Bundle page is loaded, it will default to auto expand bundle items section
  • Put fix in place on Create Cell dropdown so it only shows a single instead of multi-box dropdown
  • Rearrange buttons on Saved Filters to simplify how to add a filter
  • Put fix in place so that the Group Settings can be duplicated
  • Added actions to Inventory page. Users can now set Cycle Count's to the queue for Item count for each location
  • Put fix in place so when Locations import as Backstock type they don't get automatically assigned as Hold
  • Added User record to history log for when ResetPicks has been performed

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 8/10/2022
WOS Operations App
Cell Pick
  • Fixes to Cell Pick for better flow and presentation of order picking
  • Fixes to Cell Pick to format Item Description so it fits within text box
  • Fixes to prevent regular batches to drop to Cell Pick
  • Fixes to prevent manually picking larger quantities
  • Added setting to Force Show Notes in Cell Pick
  • Added Notes button to Cell Pick

Release Details
Release Version: 5.5.7 Build154686
Release Date: 8/03/2022

API and Integrations
Cell Pick Triggers
  • Added Auto Print trigger for Cell Pick that is fired when the first line of the order is presented
  • Added Pick Complete trigger so that it is added to History Log record
  • Added Order Complete trigger so that it is added to History Log record
  • Added standard Batch Complete trigger so that it is added to History Log record
Release Details
Released with Tablet Director