Customers paying for either Tier 1 or Tier 2 have access to the Live Dashboard.  This file is updated frequently to show progress throughout the day.  The Live Dashboard stores 7 days of data so that managers can review previous days and compare details from the week.

General overviews and specific highlights of each page are provided below.  Review the General Use document for tips on how to use Power BI to its fullest.

For a more details analysis, review the optional filters in the Filter Panel of each page.

Outbound Operations

  • Hourly progress and daily values are provided for both orders Picked and Packed
  • Set the Order Target values in the report filters for a quick look at performance compared to a set targe

Pick and Pack Performance

  • Two separate pages focus on the picking and packing operations including overall and user specific metrics
  • Per Hour rates are displayed for eachuser and pick method.  This grid can be sorted to highlight the metric most important for the operation.
  • These pages have a unique feature where a Goal can be set and that goal is then highlighted throughout the day.
  • Expand the filter panel and open one of the three target rates.  Enter a value as an "is" function and apply the filter.  Values below the number will be made Red while values above are made Green.

Inbound Operations

  • Hourly progress, daily values, and user metrics are provided for both Receiving and Putaway operations
  • A daily total chart makes it easy to see how much has been received and is possibly waiting to be putaway.

Manage Inventory

  • Hourly transactions, daily values, and user metrics are provided for all inventory movement and adjustment transactions
  • Adjustments by reason code provides a quick view of why inventory is being adjusted

Cycle Counts

  • Hourly counts, daily values, and user metrics are provided for cycle counts performed and confirmed
  • Cycle Counts Performed track when users have counted certain locations or items.
  • User metrics are calculated against Counts Performed.  These transactions, and therefore user-based metrics, don't result in inventory adjustments.
  • Cycle Counts Confirmed are usually done from WOS Manager after reviewing the count details.  These transactions make adjustments against inventory and will be counted towards inventory accuracy.
  • The Quantity Adjusted and Inventory Accuracy visuals report on Counts Confirmed and how those have resulted in inventory adjustments.  Accuracy is calculated by the number of total counts performed compared to those that resulted in an inventory adjustment.

User Summary

  • Provides a comparison between employees across all operations
  • Details can be viewed by operation category or drilled down into specific processes using the options at the top of the visual
  • Value can be set to display Lines, Orders, or Quantity by selecting the appropriate Measure value.

User Dashboard

  • A quick overall view of employee performance.  
  • Drill into metrics of a specific User or User Groups.  
  • Compare user averages to overall rates

Open Orders

  • Quick view of progress fulfilling open orders
  • Ship Today flag allows a split between priority orders.  Work with WOS Support to get the details of what can be flagged as not needing to ship same-day

Picked Order Details

  • List of open orders that have not yet been closed out
  • See orders that are stuck in the integration or might otherwise need manual intervention to get processed