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Tablet Director Updates

Confirm Receipts

  • After receiving product, a new option allows for those receipts to be reviewed and selected before being available for Putaway
  • In the case of gross over receipt, the received quantities can be partially approved to only allow accurate quantities to be putaway
  • If this feature is turned on, all receipts must be approved before becoming available for Putaway
  • Turn off Auto Approve PO Receipts in the Admin => Settings page to enable this feature


  • Bundles can now be configured so that components of a bundle can be allocated and picked.
  • The Bundle cannot be the same name as an item in the system.  Bundles will not show up on the order.  Instead, if the ItemNumber on the Order Detail line matches a Bundle item, it will be replaced with all of the components configured on the bundle. 
  • This will allow the components to be allocated and picked

Open Items Summary

  • New page found in Tools => Open Items Summary that shows a list of items on open orders with summary counts of how many are on order

Partial Search by Cart on Putaway

  • When using the Putaway app on the tablet, a new setting can allow a cart lookup by partial search of the cart name
  • The new setting that only carts are used during receiving, not locations.  When looking up a list of available Putaways on the Fusion Putaway app, typing a partial cart name will find all putaways that were received to a partially matching cart name.
  • The setting must be turned on in the back end.  Contact to have this setting turned on.

Area Allocation Improvements

  • The Allocation Rule "Area" was reviewed and improved to be more efficient with the updated allocation logic.

Removing the Vendor Object

  • Changes to how Vendors are added to Orders and POs.  Most users won't notice the difference from the next text based value vs the old linked object value.
  • After a period of transition into the new text field, the Vendor object will be removed and will no longer be an option on Groups

Updates to System Dates

  • Additional improvements in the web user interface, dates display as local times on all pages relating to POs, Items, Locations, and Inventory.  Additional updates to ensure other pages are showing the correct local time will be made at a later date

Lot Tracking and Customer 

  • Work has begun on tracking a lot number on the inventory records, so the location of a specific lot can be identified
  • Work has begun on being able to distinguish items, orders, and POs by a customer object

Release Details

Release Version:
Release Date: 6/3/2020