WOS Manager
Orders and Order Details
  • Updated Location and Item selection when editing Order Details. 
  • Update Order Search page to include list values in filters 
  • Create link between Documents and Orders so related documents can be shown in the Order Edit page
  • Duplicate Group button will copy all existing group settings into a new group
  • Remove Vendor from the Group grid
Export Service
  • New Export Service will create file out of bounds and email a link for it to be downloaded, making it more reliable especially for large files
Print Agent
  • Updated print agent that simplifies connection to WOS by listing stations instead of editing a config file
Shipping Interface
  • New functionality to use WOS to integrate into a backend shipping system
  • Shipping system that provides rates and labels through an API is required
  • Shipping interface has these features
    • From the Order Edit page, generate a shipping label, validate the address, and void the label buttons can be connected to an integration into a shipping system API
    • Map the requested Shipping Method to an actual ship method
    • Create a Shipping Info section that separates the shipping details, including a link to view Documents related to the order (typically used for shipping labels and packing slips)
    • Ability to create Carriers and Services and map those to requested ship methods
    • Ability to create box sizes that can be used in packing to designate box dimensions
    • Create Boxes against the order even when using PackOne or Verify
Other Updates
  • Add prompt when deleting Roles to confirm before delete
  • Must Confirm the password when creating a new Account
  • Print Queue wasn't applying the printer when using Reprint to Station
  • Update the Settings page so that hidden settings aren't don't get updated on save
  • Remove orphan Aliases when deleting the related item
  • Queue Manager now displays local time instead of UTC
  • When Areas are used, update how a User without permissions is handled

Release Details
Release Version: Aggregated
Release Date: 9/22/2021
WOS Operations App
Batch Pick
  • Fix a bug where the quantity wasn't being incremented as items were scanned into the compartment
  • Add wait indicators to the Complete Pick screen
Inventory Management
  • Restrict view of locations by approved Areas
  • Show inventory dates in local time instead of UTC
  • Force show Order Notes during packing
  • Apply the Box Info so dimensions can be assigned
  • Allow calculated weight to be overridden to provide a scale weight
  • Require each item to be scanned instead of allowing touch to pack the item
  • Force Show Order Notes
  • When using Verify All, the chosen Box is assigned to all orders so dimensions can be applied
  • Select a box as each order is verified
  • Apply a Box to the order so dimensions can be assigned
Other Updates
  • Turn camera in Quick Setup for landscape orientation

Release Details
Release Version: Aggregated
Release Date: 9/27/2021
API and Integrations
Host Triggers
  • Add Client Id and Prefix to Triggers to be used in integrations
Inventory Summary API
  • Add Client Id and Prefix to identify correct client
Auto-Batching API
  • Created a new API where order Ids can be submitted with a Cart Type to create batches through an integration instead of always needing to use the Batch Build pages
Shipping Interface API
  • Add various APIs to assist with shipping integrations using the Shipping Interface
    • Update Shipping Info
    • Update Shipping Box
    • Update Shipping Status
    • Add fields added for shipping to Item, Order, and Printing APIs
    • Manage the Ship Method Translation values
    • Add Box details to Host Triggers
Other Updates
  • Correct error with Delete All Orders API (used for system refresh during startup)
  • Correct error where AddOrUpdatePO was duplicating lines

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director