The Home Location report shows items that need to be replenished into the item's home location based on minimum quantities. The report was designed so it could be printed and handed to a User that could then replenish the items on the report

Report Contents

  1. Home Location is the home location setup on the item
  2. Zone is the zone set on the location that is the Home Location
  3. Home Qty is the amount of inventory currently in the Home Location
  4. Min Home Qty is the minimum quantity set on the item

Zone Filters

Zone filters allow the data to be filtered only to specific replenishment (or pick face) zones or to specific backstock zones. This can be helpful in focusing a User to a specific area of the warehouse. A User going to a specific backstock zone can be given a report showing all the items that should be replenished out of that zone. Or a User can be told to replenish a specific zone within the pick face.

System Setup

Using this report requires some setup within the system before it will find any necessary replenishments

  1. Item Masters Home Location
    1. Items need to be setup with a Home Location. Replenishment will be targeted to these home locations.
  2. Item Masters Min Quantities
    1. Items need to be configured with a minimum quantity
    2. When the quantity falls below the minimum quantity, it will appear on this report as needing a replenishment
  3. Location Zones
    1. Setting zones on the home location can segment the pick face into sections
    2. Home Locations do not need to be setup with a zone for this report to work
  4. Hold Locations are not included
    1. Locations set as Hold are not included when looking for backstock locations