Print Stations can be set with a second printer.  When print jobs are inserted into the Print Queue, they can be assigned the second printer.

Set the printer when adding a print job

  1. Setup the API call to add a print job with one of the following methods
    1. api/PrintMessages/InsertPrintJob
    2. api/PrintMessages/InsertAndPrint?device={device}
  2. Add a parameter to set the default printer to 2

        "ReferenceNumber": "109192",
        "DocumentName": "Packing Slip for order 109192",
        "DocumentType": 2,
        "PaperSize": 0,
        "DocumentData": [Base64 encoded document],
        "DefaultPrinter": 2

    Note: DefaultPrinter doesn't really need to be set unless the intent is to print the second printer. By default, print jobs are set to print to the first printer. Only setting the DefaultPrinter to the second printer changes the functionality. 

Setup the Print Station with Printer 2

  1. In WOS Manager, go to Admin => Printer Stations
  2. Ensure that the Print Station has a Printer 2 setup

(Click on image for projected view)

Warning: If the print job is set with DefaultPrinter=2 and the Device that triggers that print does not have a Printer 2 setup, printing will fail because there is not printer to set on the job.