WOS Manager
Cell Picking
  • Corrected an issue where a Cell batch can be pulled into Batch Picking
  • When a user is set to inactive, adjust their passkey so it doesn't lock up a passkey that could be used for someone else
Item Updates
  • Length, Width, Height, and Category and SubCategory were added as item attributes
  • Changes to the items to prepare for better replenishments
  • Items now show a Min and Max values instead of a Min and Replenish values
  • Replenishment values are assigned for Picking, Areas, and Cell Pick
  • Correct an issue where some fields weren't showing the data on the Item Master record
Orders and Batches
  • Changes to the back-end should improve performance on the Batches and Orders pages when loading data in the grid
Other Updates
  • Correct issue where importing locations in a CSV changes Backstock to Hold
  • Added new history log record to show when Cycle Count was performed, this is in addition to the log showing when it was applied
  • Add User to History Log when a ResetPicks is performed by using the Undo Batch function
  • Added messages to Batch Build and Batch Build Pack One to warn of the phase out and to start using Batch Build Beta
  • Correct an issue where Custom Fields weren't displaying their custom names
  • Fixed Device ID message so it includes all necessary details for user to view

Release Details
Release Version:
Release Date: 9/21/2022
WOS Operations App
Cycle Count
  • Correction to hide a quantity when the option to perform a true blind count is turned on
Cell Pick
  • Option to force show the order notes when picking
  • General fixes and corrections
Single Pick
  • Correct an error where the Notes button wasn't being enabled

Release Details
Release Version: 5.5.7 Build 154686
Release Date: 9/21/2022
API and Integrations
Order API
  • Correct an issue where shipping costs weren't coming through the API

Release Details
Released with Tablet Director