WarehouseOS is composed of a web-based application called WOS Manager and an iPad App called WOS Operations.

WOS Manager

WOS Manager is the Web Application that is used to manage the system. It is typically used by warehouse managers and supervisors to manage the system and prepare tasks for the warehouse employees that will be done on the tablets.

The following is a list of typical setup done in WOS Manager that is required to get started with WarehouseOS

  • Location, Zones, and Pick Path Configuration
  • Carts and Cart Types
  • Users and Group Settings
  • Accounts and Role Permissions
  • Item Management
  • Order Integrations

WOS Operations

WOS Operations is the name of the iPad app that is used to interact with inventory and pick orders. It's functions include the following applications.

  • Single Pick - Pick one order at a time
  • Batch Picking - Pick multiple orders in one pass
  • Batch Build - Dynamically build and pick batches
  • Cycle Count - Validate and correct inventory quantities by counting items and locations
  • Packing - Pack an order into boxes
  • Verify - Verify the content of an order, cart, or staging location
  • PackOne - Pack single line order
  • Receiving - Receive against a Purchase Order
  • Putaway - Put received inventory into an inventory location
  • Manage Inventory - Put, Pull, and Move inventory within the warehouse
  • Replenishment - Complete replenishment tasks added to the queue