WarehouseOS is proud to use Power BI, a leading analytics and visualization platform, to provide analytics for the warehouse.  WOS Insights is a separate platform.  Data from WOS Manager is extracted and transformed to allow for efficient reporting.  This also offloads the analytics and other processes so they do not have any conflicts with or impede daily warehouse operations.

WOS Insights is offered currently in 2 tiers.  More specific details on each tier can be provided by contacting support@warehouseos.com or through our sales team.

WOS Insights Tier 1

Tier 1 of WOS Insights provides a live dashboard that can be displayed in the warehouse.  It includes summary details and user metrics throughout the day.  It also includes details on open orders to watch progress as they move through the operation. The dashboard is set to refresh and show updated data every 15 minutes.  At the manager level, the dashboard can be reviewed for the past 7 days to see how users perform over the last week.  

Note: The Live Dashboard is now available for Tier 2 customers.  The Tier 1 offering is still in development and will be made available as soon as possible.

WOS Insights Tier 2

Tier 2 of WOS Insights provides the same live dashboards that are available in Tier 1.  In addition, Tier 2 comes with a dedicated database that provides long-term and deeper analytics.  While the dashboard is only available with 7 days of data, additional reports provide analytics over the years that WOS is being used.

Note: The deeper analytics using historical data is still in development.  New reports will be published and made available for existing Tier 2 customers as they are developed.


Data Structure and Function

The History Log is extracted and transformed into a structure consistent with Data Warehouse methodologies. The data is initially loaded into a set of tables intended for the daily dashboard. Having a separate table for the initial load makes the dashboard tables efficient enough for more real-time reporting.  Ideally this process will run and refresh data every 5 minutes.

Currently, an hourly process moves this data into long-term storage, making the analytical data available within the first hour of the transactions occurring.  This timing is still being evaluated and is subject to change.

A nightly process extracts more data from WOS Manager to enhance basic details in the dimension tables. This allows for deeper analytics of all data.


Access to WOS Insight is by available to any user with a Power BI license.  The license requirements depend on the size of the data that is being stored for WOS Insights.  For smaller data sets, a Power BI Pro license will be sufficient.  When necessary, a Power BI Premium Per User license can be purchased.  The cost of these licenses are detailed here.


If your company already uses Microsoft, you'll have a better user experience if you purchase your own licenses.  These can be assigned to existing user accounts and after having the reports shared with them, these users can access the Power BI files without any additional logins.

If needed, WarehouseOS can provide the license.  1 license can be provided as part of the monthly cost of WOS Insights.  Additional licenses will be sold at a slight premium above published prices.


WOS Insight has a separate license from WarehouseOS. Contact your sales rep for a full demo and pricing.