PowerBI is utilized to provide powerful and detailed analytics for WarehouseOS. Data from WOS Manager is extracted and transformed to allow for efficient reporting.

Data Structure and Function

The History Log is extracted and transformed into a structure consistent with Data Warehouse methodologies. The data is initially loaded into a set of tables intended for the daily dashboard. Having a separate table for the initial load makes the dashboard tables efficient enough for more real-time reporting. 

A nightly process extracts more data from WOS Manager and moves the data in the daily tables into a historical archive. This allows for deeper analytics of all data, excluding today's data used for the dashboard.


WOS Insight is accessed through PowerBI. Each account that gains access to the WOS Insight dashboard must have a Microsoft PowerBI Pro license. After providing the email address that has a PowerBI Pro license, WarehouseOS Support will provide the links to access your dashboard.


WOS Insight has a separate license from WarehosueOS. Contact your sales rep for a full demo and pricing.