The list of available pages can be expanded or hidden by using the menu at the top left of the page.

Setting and Identifying Filters

A select number of filters are made available through the Filter panel on the right side of the screen.  

Available filters are displayed in a light green color.  When a filter has been set and is applied to the data, the filter changes to a dark green.

This Filter panel can be collapsed when not being used.

A menu option at the top of each filter will display the filters that have been applied to that visual.  If the data doesn't look right, the first place to look is if filters are displaying a different data set than expected.

Cross Filtering

Selecting an attribute on a visual will perform a cross filter to the other visuals on the same page.  This can allow for a deeper view into metrics.  The visual that was clicked will highlight the selected value.  Clicking on that same value will turn off the cross filtering.

Some visuals have been setup to only highlight the data instead of filtering the visual to show only that data.  Some visuals have had the cross filter effect disabled.  This allows for visuals like the weekly data to be maintained while still allowing some cross filtering where it felt appropriate.

The image below shows Cross Filtering the Reason Code to show when in the day that particular reason code was made.  The Hourly graph highlights when that Reason Code was performed instead of filtering the entire graphic.  The Total Adjusted number is being filtered to show the specific details.

Other Visual Options

At the top right of each visual is a small number of options.

  • Visual Info - If provided, provides additional details about the visual.

  • Drill Up and Expand - If a hierarchy was established, it allows the visual to traverse the hierarchy to see additional details.

  • Copy - This allows the specific visual to be copied so that an image of the visual can be shared.
  • Applied Filters - Shows the filters that are currently affecting the visual.

  • Focus Mode - Expands the visual into a dedicated page.  This can enhance small visuals to see details that may be hard to see when shown on the dashboard.