Order Detail Lines can be configured with a specific color value (C1 - C10) and those colors can be displayed in the WOS Operations Single Pick app. If desired, an Application Setting can be set to sort the pick lines by display color instead of by pick sequence. 

Note: Order Detail Lines are not configured with color by default. Setting the color value should be a consideration when scoping out the integration or determining how orders will be entered into WarehouseOS.

Edit Pick Record Display Colors

  1. Go to Admin -> Pick Record Display Colors
  2. Click the drop down next to one of the color values
  3. Choose a color from the color picker or set a specific hex value
  4. Click Save

How to Set Order Line Display Colors

By default, the Color of each line in an order is set to C1. Setting the Color to C2, C3, or etc. will change the color of the line as it appears in WOS Operations. 

This can be changed via integration or Accounts can change it manually in WOS Manager.

Manually change the color by following these steps:

  1. Orders -> Orders
  2. Click the order number you want to add display colors to
  3. Scroll down to Order Lines 
  4. Using the scroll bar along the bottom of the Order Lines block, scroll over to Edit
  5. Click Edit
  6. Find the field for Color
  7. Edit the Color field on the data grid
    • Set it to “C#” to whichever color you want the order line to appear as, as you setup in the color configuration
  8. Click Update 
  9. Do this for each line that you want to change the Display Color 

Example of Colors Displayed in WOS Operations Single Pick

Below is an example of how color may be used to highlight picks in the picking app.

  • Green color indicates Full Pallet picks
  • Red color indicates heavy layers
  • Yellow color indicates two layers
  • White color indicates less than a layer or eaches