WarehouseOS distinguishes between Accounts that will log in to WOS Manager and Users that will log in to WOS Fulfillment. 

This section is about the Users that log into WOS Fulfillment app on the iPads.

Note: WarehouseOS is transitioning from the current iOS app WMS Fusion into a new iOS app WOS Fulfillment. During that transition, the same user can log into both apps, but a separate User permission structure exists for each app.
Groups are used for permissions in the legacy WMS Fusion.
User Groups are used for permissions to the new WOS Fulfillment.
A User can be assigned to one of each type of group.

Log in to WOS Fulfillment

Before logging in to WOS Fulfillment on the tablet, a User must be created in WOS Manager. Users don't need to enter a username and password. Instead, Users are identified with a unique Passkey to make logging into WOS Fulfillment a simple process.

Create New User

An Account with Admin permissions can create new Users

  1. Go to Admin -> Users
  2. Click on Create New
  3. Fill out the new User form
    1. Username is logged into the History Log as this User completes transactions in WOS Fulfillment
    2. Passkey will be typed into WOS Fulfillment to log in to the app
    3. Assign the User to a single Group (for access to WMS Fusion)
    4. Assign the User to a single User Group (for access to WOS Fulfillment)
    5. Assign the User to zero or multiple Areas
      1. If orders are being assigned an Area to ensure the inventory is allocated to a specific Area, not selecting any Areas on the User will prevent this User from picking orders
    6. Assign the User to zero or multiple Zones
      1. If Zones are being used on Locations, not selecting all of the Zones could result in the User not seeing all of the order lines when picking single Orders
      2. Zones are also used to restrict Users when Cycle Counting locations
  4. Click Create
  5. After creating a User, an option to add an Avatar will appear (if desired) 
    1. Click Browse to select the image to use as the Avatar
    2. Click Upload to save the Avatar to the User

Manage Users

  1. Go to Admin -> Users
  2. Click on the Username to be edited
  3. Edit the form as necessary
    1. See Create New User above for more information
  4. Click Save
  5. Change the image to use as the User Avatar (if desired)
  6. Click Upload

User Actions

At the bottom of the Users grid (Admin -> Users) certain details about the User can be managed in bulk. Things like names and passkey need to be done individually. But assigning Groups, Zones, and Areas can be done against multiple Users at once in the Users grid. 

Delete User (Deactivate)

Because Users have a link into Orders, Inventory, and other activity, deleting a User has larger implications. Instead Users can be deactivated so they no longer have access. By default, the Users grid only shows active Users.

  1. Go to Admin -> Users
  2. Click on the Username to be Deleted
  3. Click Delete
  4. When the confirmation page loads, click Delete again

Users can also be deactivated in bulk from the Actions on the Users grid.