When an Instalink Queue is used in the integration, each specific queue can be monitored.  The active processes can be streamed to get a live view of how the queue is processing items.

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Queue Stream

The Queue Stream shows active processes in the given queue and provides the following details.

  • State
    • The most common states are Queued, Running, Complete
  • Created
    • Shows the date and time that the item was added to the queue
    • All queue items should have the Created value
  • Last Run
    • Shows the date and time that the process for the queue item was last started
    • Because a queue item can be retried multiple times, this column only shows the last time the queue had been started
    • If the queue item has never been run, this value will say "Not Run Yet"
  • Completed
    • Shows the date and time that the item was last completed
    • Items will flash green and slowly fade as they are updated Complete
    • Completed items only remain in the Queue Stream for a few seconds before being removed so that the Queue Stream can continue to show only active items

Queued State

When items are first loaded into the queue, they are given a status "Queued".  

  • If the Queue Stream is open when items are added to the queue, they will populate the stream and have a state of "Queued"
  • Because an item in the "Queued" state are not technically active, loading or refreshing the Queue Stream does not show all of the items currently in a Queued state.  
  • If several hundred items are populated into the queue at once, refreshing the screen will hide all of the queued items and then only the Running and Completed (or freshly loaded Queued items) will be visible

Running and Completed States

As items are processed, they are changed to Running and then Completed.

  • When a Queue Stream is opened or refreshed, items that are updated to Running or Complete will populate into the queue
  • Last Run will be populated when the queue item has been started
  • Completed will be populated when the queue item has been finished

Comparing the Created, Last Run, and Completed dates can give a real-time view in how the queue is operating

  • The difference between Created and Last Run will show how long it took for the queue item to start processing after it was added to the queue
  • The difference between Last Run and Completed will show how long it took for that queue item to be processed
  • Completed items will only show for a few seconds so this will need to be a quick comparison

Error States

If a queue item has an error while processing, it will be put into an Error state.  Queue items have the potential to be retried up to 5 times until they are successful.  This feature must be enabled in the project in order for errors to result in a retry.