Blind POs allow the ability to use the PO Receipt and PO Putaway functionality without having to create a PO in the system beforehand.  It starts with receiving a PO using the BlindPO App in the WOS Operations App. From there, the PO and Putaways can be managed within WOS Manager.

Blind PO Receipt App

Using the Blind PO App on the WOS Operations app, items can be received if they weren't previously setup on a PO in WOS Manager.

After confirming the receipts on the tablet, a PO will be created with the items that were received

  1. Open the Receiving app on the tablet and select Blind PO
  2. Scan the items that need to be received
  3. Multiple scans of the same item will increase the total quantity received for that item
  4. Tap the quantity to set the total qty for the item
  1. When all the items have been scanned, click on "Review" at the bottom right of the screen to see a list of all the receipts
  2. Click on Commit and Enter a PO number that will be used to group the receipts
  3. Enter a location or cart that can be used to find the receipts in the Putaway app
Tip: Blind PO Receipts that a PO number is entered. If you don't have a PO number that was sent to the vendor that you want to use, any value can be used. The current date is often a good option.
Each tablet that submits a blind receipt will create a separate PO in WOS Manager. They can all be received under the same PO number and then merged later if needed.

PO Putaway

Putaway tasks are created for all of the Blind PO Receipts that have been submitted on a tablet.  Use the PO Putaway App to complete the PO receipt and add the items to a shelf location.

View Blind Receipts and Merge multiple receipts against the same PO

Blind PO Receipts that have been submitted on a tablet create a PO that can be viewed in the PO screen from WOS Manager. If multiple tablets submitted receipts against the same PO number, multiple POs with the same number will exist in WOS Manager.  These can be manually merged to consolidate the number 

  1. View the POs by going to Receiving -> Purchase Orders
  2. Select the desired POs
  3. At the bottom of the grid, select the Merge POs action
  4. Only Blind POs with the same PO number can be merged.  If other POs are selected, they will be ignored.