Verify Process

The Verify Process is the User’s acknowledgement of the removal of Order(s) from Carts(s) so that the cart(s) may be reused. Within this process the User has the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the Picks against the original Order to ensure the customer’s order is accurately shipped. The system may be configured such that order(s) must be verified by a different User (than the User who picked the order(s)). Only Orders which have been picked Complete may be verified. Only when all lines in an Order have been successfully verified (all green check marks) is a VerifyComplete trigger sent to the host (if configured).

Only one Order at a time may be verified at each Shipping Station.

  • Only restricted when scanning carts from Single Pick operation.
  • Batch Picking carts always contains multiple orders therefore, cannot be restricted.
  • No restrictions applied when scanning an Order.

Note: This app is a tool for the User to ensure the customer's order is accurate prior to shipping. No order corrections are made within the Verify app.


To use the WOS Operations ->Verify app the following setup is required:


  • If desired set the Admin->Settings->Force Different User to Verify flag to true to ensure the Order will be verified by a different User (than the original picker).
  • At least one Ship type Location must be defined in the system.
  • The Device must to be assigned to a Ship Location to perform Verify (use the Maint->Device screen to assign a Device to a Shipping Station).
  • In some instances, once Order Verification is initiated the Ship Location will be locked to that order until all lines on that order are verified.
  • While optional, it is suggested that Groups->Do Cart Picking setting is set. This allows the verify User to scan the Cart. In your operation, a Cart barcode may be more readily accessible than an Order barcode.
  • Order Verification may not be initiated until the Order is picked to completion.
  • The flow of the Verify app may be configured via the Maint->Group->Verify permissions.

Verify Permissions

At this time these flags work independently of each other.


  • Allow Verify All flag
    The <Verify All> button will be visible on the screen. This button overrides all other constraints.
  • Scan Each Item flag
    When set the User is forced to scan the Item barcode for each piece of inventory. The system keeps a count of the scans and alerts the User to discrepancies.
  • Force Verify Lot Scan flag
    If Lot Control Attribute or Lot Recording is implemented (for specific Item(s)), as those Item(s) are verified the User is forced to scan the Lot barcode for each piece of inventory.
  • Record LPN flag
    If set, the normal ‘verify complete’ operation is skipped. The User is forced to scan an LPN barcode which is then associated with the Order. The Order is automatically ‘verified complete’ by the system (behind the scene). This is very much like the ‘Verify All’ flag.

WOS Manager Grids

Go to Order -> Orders to view Verified status of each order.


You can click into the Order to view the Order Details. For a verified Order each Order Line will be tagged with the UserName which verified the count. 

Start Process in Verify App

To start the Verification Process, scan a Cart or Order. 

If you see the following message contact your supervisor. Your device must be assigned to a Ship Location.


Note: An order can only be verified once it has been picked to completion.

If a Cart containing a single Order or an Order is scanned, the system will immediately take the User to the Verify screen. See Verify Order Screen below.

If a Cart containing a Batch is scanned, the orders associated with the entered cart are listed. Below Cart16 was scanned, which contains three orders (in 3 compartments).

The <Barcode> button displays an Order barcode which may be scanned by a host scanner.

The User then moves to the Verify screen by selecting the Order (compartment) to verify.

Verify Order Screen

To verify the Order, scan the Order Number on the paper pick list or touch the Order/compartment to be verified. The following screen will be displayed with the following features:

  • The Order Number- 888326 button may be touched at any time to re-display the Order barcode.
  • The order Country and Ship Method data is visible to help the User select appropriate packaging for the product.
  • Notice Item-4001386 is showing a Quantity 7/8 indicating that this Item was picked short.
  • Check mark in the Lot column indicates that, this specific Item-7001223 is Lot Controlled.
  • The red X-icon and green Check-icon buttons (on the right of screen) are used by the User to proceed with the verification process.

Notice initially all items are listed in the Unverified Items pane (top pane).

At any time, the User may touch the Item line (in top pane) of a Lot controlled item to view the Lot detail.

Default Process – No flags set

Initially all Items will be Unverified, but as you work, the list will begin to change. There are different actions the User can take:

  • Scan an Item which is currently visible on the iPad list. The system will automatically move the item to the Verified Items pane. The item is removed from the cart, and is given a green check mark.
  • Scan an Item - If you are having trouble finding the item on the screen, you can scan the Item. The screen will automatically scroll to the scanned item and highlight it blue. Note that this does not complete the Verify, it only highlights it. Visually verify the quantity, then scan the Item again. Because the item is now visible the second scan will automatically move the item to the Verified Items pane, remove it from the cart, and is given a green check mark.
  • Mark Error - Touching the red X-icon will mark the line with an error. The item is taken off the cart, moved into the Verified Items pane and given a red check mark. It is marked with an error so it can be corrected in the near future.
  • Mark Verified - Touching the green Check-icon will verify the line. The item is removed from the cart, moved to the Verified Items pane and is given a green check mark.

Below is an example of what a work-in-process screen may look like.

Additional Features

Scan Each Item flag

If the Verify->Scan Each Item permission is enabled the User may scan each Item. As the User continues to scan the Items, the count for each Item is recorded in the Verified Items pane. The Item Line is verified when the required Quantity is counted.

Below is an example of a work-in-process screen. Notice the following:

  • Two Items are currently in the processes of being counted. The total Required Quantity is still reflected in the top pane and the Current Verified Quantity is reflected in the bottom pane.
  • One item is successfully verified, indicated by the green check mark. The Item is now removed from the Cart and marked as verified.
  • At any time the red X-icon button (bottom pane to the right) may be touched to recount the Items.
  • At any time the red X-icon or green Check-icon (top pane to the right) may be selected to complete the Item line verification.

Force Verify Lot Scan flag

If the Verify->Force Verify Lot Scan permission is enabled and the Item->Require Lot Number is set, the system will force the User to scan/count each Item associated with the Lot. When the User scans an Item tagged for Lot Control, the system will list all the all the Lot(s) and their Qty(s), associated with the Item.

The User proceeds to scan the Lot on each Item. The system will track the scans, highlighting errors and/or correct counts.

  • Only when all the Lots have been verified successful (list is all green) will the green Check-icon be visible (top right of screen). By touching this button the User acknowledges that verification is complete. The system will return to main verify screen, dropping the Item to the Verified Pane with a green check mark.
  • At any time the User may touch the red X-icon to note an error. The system will return to main verify screen, dropping the Item to the Verified Pane with a red check mark.
  • The <Back icon (top left of screen) returns the User to the main Verify screen without taking any action.
  • To re-count a Lot the User needs only touch the Lot line and reset the count.

Below is an example of a Lot count in-process screen, things of note:

  • The green Check-icon is not visible until all Lots have been successfully verified.
  • Lot Lines turn green as counts are met.
  • Lot Lines counts are increased as scans are counted.
  • The red X-icon is always visible, at any time the User may mark Item Line as bad.
  • No action is taken on the Item Line until the User hits either the green Check-icon or red X-icon.

When an error is detected the User is notified and required to acknowledge the error. It is expected that the User has taken appropriate action prior to confirming the error. Below is an example of an error. In this example, once the User touches the <OK> button the Verified Quantity will be reset to 2 and the Lot Line will be green.

After an error is detected (or any time the User feels necessary) the User may want to re-count a specific Lot Line. Simply touch the specific line to re-count and confirm by tapping ‘Yes’ button.

The User continues to scan inventory until all Lot Lines are successfully verified. They touch the green Check-icon to acknowledge the successfully completion. 

The app returns to main screen and drops the Item Line to the Verified Item Pane and in this examples marks it as successful.

Allow Verify All flag

If the Verify->Allow Verify All permission is enable a <Verify All> button will be displayed at the upper right of screen. At any time the User may touch the button and the remaining Unverified Items will be marked as Verified.

Note: The <Verify All> overrides Scan Each item / Force Verify Lot Scan settings.

Permissions and Restrictions

Some of the permissions have been discussed in the above examples. Below is the list of permissions and additional restrictions which will affect the Verify operations.

Admin->Settings-> Force Different Users to Verify

Group->Verify->Allow Verify All

Group->Verify->Scan Each item

Group->Verify->Force Verify Lot Scan

Group->Verify->Record LPN

Group->Verify->Force Show Notes

Group->Verify->Verify Enable Box Type Selection

Group->Verify->PackOne Enable BoxType Selecr

Items->Require Lot Number