WOS has the ability to record and track Lots against inventory. Lot tracking is enabled per Item so it isn't required for everything in the system. 

WOS makes a distinction between Lot Tracking and Lot Recording.

  • Lot Tracking records Lots on the inventory for Lot-enabled items. This allows the identification of Locations that hold a specific Lot. This also requires that Lot Numbers are provided during inventory adjustments.
  • Lot Recording allows a Lot number to be recorded during Packing. This Lot number is not tied to inventory and allows for an accurate recording of Lot numbers before the product is sent to customers.

While WOS makes the distinction in processes, the two are currently linked.  A system setting allows Lot Recording to be turned on or off.  But Lot Tracking is automatically turned on when the flag on the item is set.  A system can be setup to do Lot Tracking and not to Lot Recording.  It currently cannot be setup to do Lot Recording and not do Lot Tracking.  This separation is coming in a future update.

Note: A Location can only have one Lot number per item. This allows for an efficient pick process because the Lot Number can be assumed instead of requiring the picker to verify it.

Lot Tracking 

Lot Numbers can be tracked on the inventory record. This will enable the identification of Locations that hold a specific Lot.

Lot Tracking is enabled per Item on the Item master record. When Require Lot Number is turned on, the Lot Number will need to be scanned during any transaction that adjusts inventory. 

Any transaction that adds inventory (PO Putaway, Put, and Cycle Count) will require a Lot Number be scanned so it can be added to the inventory record. The Pull and Move transactions will require a Lot be scanned to verify the Lot before completing the transaction.

In order to ensure an efficient picking operation, only one Lot can be stored in each Location. This allows Picking operations to assume the Lot number because only one exists in each Location. This speeds up picking by not requiring a Lot number to be scanned.

Note: Because Lot is assumed in Picking, a Lot number has to exist on the inventory record. If Lot Tracking was turned on after inventory was already added, all of the inventory must be cycle counted to add Lots to the inventory.

Lot Setup

The only setting that is needed to start tracking Lots is the Require Lot Number flag on the item record. This can be set in the following ways

  • Turning on the flag on the Edit Item page.
  • Through the API when items are added or updated
  • From the Items grid by selecting the items and choosing the Require Lot action below the grid.

Lot Recording

Lot Numbers can be recorded during Packing. These Lot Numbers are not tied to inventory and do not need to match the Lot that was picked. This can be helpful in situations where the Lot on inventory wasn't accurate but identifying which Lot was given to a customer is important. 

Lot Recording is a system wide setting so that all packing will require a Lot number if the Item has been configured to require it. Go to Admin => Settings and enable Require Lot/Serial at Pack.