Replenishment App on the iPad

When the WOS Fulfillment App is opened, choose the Replenishment feature. There will be the option to choose from Replenishment Pick and Replenishment Put.

Note: The Replenishment App has not yet been developed to handle Lot Tracking. This feature will be coming at a future date as the Manage Inventory app is updated into the new WOS Fulfillment app.

Replenishment Pick

  1. Open the App from the iPad
  2. Tap the Replenishment option
  3. Tap “Replenishment Pick”
  4. Scan the Replenishment Location to Pick to
    • Inventory that is picked out of Backstock will be moved into this Location, where it will be staged until the Replenishment Put operation can be performed.
  5. If a User has assigned Tasks, they will automatically be taken to the Pick screen once Location is scanned.
    Otherwise select the Task Type to determine how tasks are assigned to the User.
    1. Priority will select from the top of the list based on the Priority value.
      This might select Tasks from all sections of the warehouse, but will prioritize needed Replenishment first.
    2. Scheduled will focus on keeping Tasks together for more efficient Pick Paths.
      A Location scan is requested to identify the Users placement in the warehouse and what Tasks are closest in proximity.
  6. Up to 5 Tasks will populate on the screen 
    1. These Tasks can be sorted by Location, Item/SKU, and Quantity. 
    2. Additional Tasks can be assigned by tapping the download button
  7. Navigate to the Location and Pick the Items 
  8. Tap Pick 
  9. Enter the Quantity Picked
  10. Tap OK
  11. The Item task will be moved from the top section to the bottom section
  12. Proceed to the next task
  13. Once all Picks have been completed, Commit the Tasks
    1. This can be done individually or with the Commit All button

Note: Inventory is moved from the Pick Location into the selected Replenish Location when the tasks are committed. Until it makes it from the Pick Location to the Replenish Location, inventory in a specific Location could be inaccurate. Choose when to commit the Tasks and move the inventory based on when it is the most accurate:

  • Commit each Task as it is Picked. Inventory in the Backstock Location is always accurate. Inventory in the Replenish location is inaccurate until the inventory is physically moved there.
  • Commit all Tasks when they are placed in the Replenish Location. Replenish Location will not show inventory until it is actually there and ready. Inventory in the Backstock Location will be inaccurate until that physical move is complete and recorded.    

Replenishment Put

  1. Open the App from the iPad
  2. Tap the Replenishment option
  3. Tap “Replenishment Put”
  4. Scan the Replenishment Location where inventory has been staged
  5. Put Tasks will populate the screen according to what is in the Replenishment Location
  6. Scan the Item or tap Putaway
  7. Scan the Location to Putaway to or tap Putaway
    1. Shown is the available Locations where the Item already exists, but a Location that is not listed can also be scanned 
  8. Enter the Quantity to Putaway
  9. Tap OK