WOS to FitShipper

Orders are sent to FitShipper and the rules are run against the order.

WOS is calling back into FitShipper to get the result of those rules.  When WOS knows that the rules have been run, the system looks for a box size that has been assigned.

Box Assigned in WOS

If a box size is assigned, WOS applies the box size to the order.

The label is then generated between Picking and Packing.

The Packing app shows the assigned box size, so the packer knows how to match up the box with what was used on the label.


Multibox Process

If a box size is not assigned, WOS tags the order as “Multibox”. This then waits for the packer to assign a box at packing

A live call is made on the “Close Box” event within WOS.  The selected box and item weights that were packed into that box are sent to FitShipper to generate a box-specific label.