ProShip is a desktop shipping application that has API capabilities to allow an integration with WOS for printing labels. WOS is unable to assist in the setup or server management of any of the ProShip systems. Access to call into the network where this server exists to make the API connections is required to make this integration work. WarehouseOS can provide a single IP to be whitelisted to make this possible.

Order Management Details

Typically WarehouseOS requires that a shipping system accept orders and run rules against them. These rules are supposed to setup carrier and service selections and prep the order in other ways for shipping. ProShip does not accept orders or run rules in this way. This means much of that rule creation has to be done within the Instalink integration platform. The rules will need to be kept simple to make this integration work.

Address Validation

After the orders are created in WarehosueOS, the orders will be sent to a ProShip endpoint to validate the address. Details of that address validation will be brought back into WOS and can be used before batching orders with invalid addresses.

Automated Label Creation

After an order is picked, WarehouseOS will make a request to the ProShip API to retrieve the labels created for the specific order. ProShip has the capability to run some rate-shopping and rules against shipping at the time a label is requested. If the rules are not setup in ProShip, Carrier and service assignment must be assigned before a label can be generated.

Because labels are being generated without orders already existing in the system, labels for multiple boxes can be provided.

ProShip Desktop Integration

ProShip can make a call into an API to get order details, making the use of their desktop application more streamlined by automatically populating order details. If a different API to an ecommerce system is not available, WarehouseOS can provide an endpoint for this API call. 

ProShip system can write all label creation details to a database. If a database is not already available, a connection to the WOS Insights database can be provided and details written and stored there.