Standard Integrations

Orders are requested from Smartshyp every 10 minutes based on the order's udpated date.  This makes sure that orders are caught as they are updated.

If Order Lines don't have a sku or if a quantity is 0, then the entire order is skipped and does not come down to WOS. 

Automated Label Creation

Upon request, the WOS/Smartshyp integration can automatically generate shipping labels and print them at packing.

Implementing this flow requires the use of WOS Print Agent

Timing of Labels

WOS starts the label generation after the order is picked complete.  The shipping label is stored in WOS' Print Queue and then triggered to print when the order is packed.

Note: This marks the order as "Shipped" in Smartshyp after the order is picked.  Based on Smartshyp's integration with your eCommerce platform, this could notify the customer of the tracking number before the order is packed.

Local Pickup

Based on an order tag, print out a packing slip titled as "Pickup".  This will skip the label generation and give the packer a label to apply to the order details that are being picked up.