A System Setting allows for PO Receipts to be held in a suspended state until they are reviewed. Only after approval of the receipt will a Putaway task for the approved amount be available.

Enable the Setting

In order to enable this setting to manually approve POs, please email

Approving Receipts

  1. Go to Receiving -> Confirm Receipts
  2. All receipts awaiting approval will be shown

    3. Review PO lines using the filters to either Approve or Reject lines from this grid

  1. To approve a partial quantity, click on the button in the Edit column
    1. Enter the partial quantity and the action to take (Accept or Reject)
    2. The action chosen will immediately be applied to the quantity given
    3. The remaining quantity will have the opposite action immediately applied and that line will be fully reviewed

The total amount approved or rejected can be seen in the Purchase Order Grid by going to Receiving -> Purchase Orders